Timeshare Resorts & Clubs

The timeshare industry generates revenues in excess of $7.5 billion per annum.

Today, vacation ownership, or timeshare, is an integral segment of the travel and leisure industry with over 6.2 million families enjoying vacations at 5,300 resorts worldwide. Consequently, many leading hotel brands see the product as an ideal opportunity to:

  • Provide greater consumer choice
  • Attract and retain new customers and
  • Improve business performance

FNTC provides ideal structures to facilitate sales of timeshare products and assists both developers and consumers with a wide range of services.

How it works

There are a variety of ways in which timeshare can be purchased throughout the world. In essence, when a consumer buys a timeshare, they are purchasing future vacations and leisure time. This involves a purchase fee which varies depending on the standard of accommodation, location, length of the scheme and services available. In addition, an annual maintenance fee is payable to cover the upkeep and ongoing management of the resort.

Due to consumer demand for greater flexibility, today’s timeshare product is now increasingly sophisticated, providing consumers with a variety of product offerings including fixed weeks, points, floating time and apartments, split weeks and usage on alternate years.

FNTC's role works at various levels and supports timeshare businesses by:

  • Improving sales performance
  • Reducing administration costs
  • Supporting the ongoing resort management