Management Fee Collection

FNTC can handle the entire process for management fee collections so you receive payment quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring the customer experience remains positive.

Our tried and tested approach, gained from years of experience, recognises that clarity of communication is paramount. We can also advise you on consumer payment incentives and put measures in place to save you unnecessary costs.

These include:

  • Production of invoices in all main languages, designed to meet all your collection criteria (such as early payment discounts etc.) with tailored styling and inclusion of any required marketing material
  • Data cleansing prior to invoice issue, minimising returned mail costs and improving member experience
  • A multi-currency collection service, online if required
  • Direct debit (regular instalment) collections for UK customers
  • Instalment collections via credit and debit card for international customers
  • Timely reporting, including fast and accurate notification of outstanding fees enabling effective management of debtors