Points Clubs

Holiday Clubs, or Points Clubs, offer a highly flexible use of multiple resorts, subject to advance reservation priorities and rules.

The principles of timeshare or fractional ownership still apply – the consumer purchases future holidays purely for what they need and intend to use. With a Vacation Club or Points Club, the consumer owns a membership that allows the value of their points to be exchanged for a vacation at different resorts owned by the developer.

These clubs are an increasingly popular way for developers to add value to the vacation ownership product, by providing consumers with an ownership interest in real property, or a right to use and with multi-site flexibility. Hotel owners and operators often consider membership clubs as an opportunity to diversify their product mix and generate front-loaded revenue streams.

FNTC are ideally placed to support your Points Club. We can work with you to:

  • Improve sales performance
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Support ongoing resort management