Secure E-Commerce Collection - Cardscape®

Cardscape® is FNTC's own branded e-commerce platform, designed specifically to handle and process card payments for the Shared, Holiday and Fractional Ownership industry.

This advanced system provides a fully PCI compliant (data secured) web-based service that enables online credit and debit card authorisation with maximum speed, reliability and security.

Supporting all major currencies, Cardscape® allows consumers to purchase your product from anywhere in the world and is ideal for the efficient collection of:

  • Sales proceeds
  • Rental income
  • Membership/maintenance fees both online and in resort
  • On-site food and beverage payment and other revenue generating areas

Cardscape® benefits:

  • Processes card transactions in real time
  • Speeds up your cash flow
  • Automatically issues the proceeds to the resort bank account
  • Gives you live transactional information to monitor your own sales volumes, success rates, and maintenance fee collections
  • Reduces the paperwork burden with financed sales at point of sale
  • Can be linked to other FNTC services such as escrow banking
  • Hosted and maintained by FNTC with no local hardware or software
  • Features a regular instalment collection system to handle annual/monthly/weekly global collections for all types of payment
  • FNTC provides a full range of reports to help you manage the process effectively

FNTC can integrate Cardscape® into any existing system or process and host secure web pages eliminating the need for your own costly security certificates. Cardscape® is a cloud based solution and can be accessed from any internet enabled system.